My Indepth Easy Cash Code Review

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My Easy Cash Code Review

Over the past couple of weeks I have been showing you my payment proofs and testimonials about a system called Easy Cash Code. In this Easy Cash Code Review I will be covering what exactly is the Easy Cash Code and how can it help you as a online Entrepreneur?

Before I get into exactly what this system is lets go over what it isn’t.

The Easy Cash Code is NOT:

· A MLM Company

· A Network Marketing Company

· A Business Opportunity

The Easy Cash Code IS:

The Easy Cash Code is a generic perpetual marketing system designed to help 2 groups of people.

Do You Have A Primary Business Or Opportunity?

 The Easy Cash Code system is designed to help those of us that have a primary company/opportunity such as MCA, MWR, Amway, Easy 1Up, etc. The Easy Cash Code is your vehicle to appeal to a bigger audience who are looking to start making money online.

Since Easy Cash Code is only a one time $18 paid directly from member to member. It will allow you to get more like minded people into your funnel. You have to keep in mind not everyone can afford to pay $100 -$200 to get started in a business.

Also, most new network marketers that join a business only recruit 1-2 new team members a month. Which is why even after they join an opportunity  they struggle to stick with it because of monthly autoships and fees. 

As I mentioned in my review video, by using Easy Cash Code to help build your primary business, you can lock prospects in at a low dollar point. Then let this system train your new team members on how to market online while providing the #1 thing that is needed to sustain a business…CASH FLOW.

Once your prospect joins Easy Cash Code now they have a system that will pay them unlimited $18 instant commissions. The Easy Cash Code will then funnel them to your primary business on the backend while showing them tools they can use to build their brand and your team along the way.

The end result being you will have a stronger downline in your primary business that you will have to spend less time training (Easy Cash Code takes care of this for you) and you will have a constant cash flow that you can use as a marketing fund or vacation money for yourself.

Are You New Or Struggling to Make $$$ Online?

The Second Group of people that the  Easy Cash Code is for are those looking for a simple way to break into the Make Money Online/ Work From Home Space

Although Easy Cash Code is not an Opportunity it does have an attractive affiliate program attached to it that pays 100% commissions for every new referral you introduce this system to.

Inside Easy Cash Code you also get in-depth marketing training and everything you need from Capture pages, Sales Pages, Google Hangout pages, 7 and 30 day email sequence that you can plug into your favorite autoresponder, and a Facebook Mastermind Community.

This makes it the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to start making an extra $500- $1,000 per month online fast.

Which leads us to the next point.

Heres Exactly What You Get Inside Easy Cash Code

Easy Cash Code Marketing System

Comes complete with capture pages and a lead dashboard. Build multiple income streams simultaneously with our simple to use breakthrough state-of-the-art marketing funnel system. Add your own primary network marketing or affiliate marketing program too. (OPTIONAL: Build your own list by attaching the system to your AWeber or Get Response autoresponder account.)

Easy Cash Code Video Sales Page

System does the selling and telling for you 24/7 with a high-converting on-demand video presentation. Includes team testimonials.

Easy Cash Code Referral Dashboard

Management dashboard keeps track of your referrals & earnings for you all in one place.

Easy Cash Code System Resell Rights

Earn unlimited $18 commissions when you personally refer others to use the Easy Cash Code system. 100% commissions are paid instantly & direct to you.

Easy Cash Code Hangout Page

Invite prospects to our LIVE Team Hangouts. Your personalized hangout page button is coded to you so you'll get credit for everyone who joins through your page.

Easy Cash Code Quick Start Training

Access to the affiliate training center to help you get fast results.

Easy Cash Code Banner Ads

Place these eye-catching banner ads anywhere you'd like online to draw prospects to your marketing system.

Easy Cash Code Mastermind Group

All the support you need in one place. Get your questions answered, stay motivated and mingle with the entire Easy Cash Code community inside of our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group.

Easy Cash Code Pre-Written Emails

Follow-up with your prospects on auto-pilot with our done for you 30-day email message series. Let these automated emails follow up with your prospects until they join you.

How Does The Easy Cash Code Work?

Once you join Easy Cash Code for the one time $18 payment you, you are qualified to start referring others to the system. When your first referral joins Easy Cash Code you are paid 100% of their $18 payment straight to your PayPal or Stripe account. (Which ever one you decide to set up. There are training videos in the members back office that show you how to set up both)

When your second referral joins Easy Cash Code that payment is passed up to the Easy Cash Code admin to pay for and maintain this marketing system. You then receive 100% commission on every new referral you introduce to this system from that point on.

Your cash flow doesn’t stop there!

Once inside of the Easy Cash Code system members are given the option to upgrade by purchasing our Exclusive SMS Mobile Marketing software called UOP SMS Pro for just $20 per month. (this is totally optional and not needed to be successful with this system) You can use this software to promote whatever you like with SMS (text messaging) and voice broadcasting to your prospects.

When your referral decides to upgrade to UOP SMS Pro for $20 per month that commission is paid 100% directly to you each and every month.. per referral.

Let’s break that down.

Let’s say you introduce 10 new team members to the Easy Cash Code marketing system your first month.

Thats $18 x 10 = $180 paid to you instantly. Out of those 10 new team members 5 upgrade to the UOP SMS Pro software.

Thats $20 x 5 = $100 also paid to you instantly

Together that is $280 for the month and $100 residual every single month that your new team members keep UOP SMS pro. That’s powerful!

To qualify for residual commissions you must first activate your Master Resell License for $9.95 per month. (Which is paid to the Easy Cash Code Admin) and you must also own the software yourself. 

Keep in mind that more products will be added to ECC over time so being a Master Reseller will allow you to earn even more money.

As you can see Easy Cash Code is a powerful perpetual marketing system that not only provides you with the right vehicle to grow your primary company (if you have one) but it also provides multiple streams of income with both instant and residual cash flow.

Not only that, you will be given training that will help you become a better marketer for years to come.

In my opinion Easy Cash Code is it perfect for anyone no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial career.

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I hope you enjoyed this Review of The Easy Cash Code.

This system is always evolving and improving with new products getting add constantly.

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So what do you think about the Easy Cash Code?

Feel free to drop a comment or questions below.​