5 Tips To Get More Leads And Sales On Facebook

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When it comes to building a business online Facebook can be a huge asset for you to reach your business goals. Which is why I decided to give you my Top 5 Tips To Get More Sales and Leads On Facebook.

Most business owners and marketers are eager to get the word out about their business and using social media platforms like facebook is one of the easiest and quickest ways to do so.

At the same time if you use Facebook for business purposes the wrong way it can stunt your business growth and actually lose you sales and customers. I see a lot of new business owners especially in the Affiliate Marketing/ Network Marketing niche falling into this trap.

I was able to make over 25k my first year using free marketing methods on Facebook and I have coached my personal coaching clients in various to do the same if not better.

In light of that, I wanted to share with you 5 of my top Facebook Marketing tips. (Please keep in mind this post is geared mostly towards free marketing strategies through your personal or business profile.  Since this is where most new affiliate/network marketers start. In a future post I will share a few tips for running your business through Facebook Fanpages. Be sure to subscribe for updates here to be notified when those marketing strategies are released.)

You will find these tips are fairly simple and if you implement them consistently you will definitely see more results in your business.

If you want to take your Facebook Marketing to the next level check out this course to learn the exact strategies I use to grow my business and make sales from Facebook on AUTOPILOT every day

5 Tips To Get More Leads And Sales On Facebook

1. Clean Up And Brand Your Facebook Page

  • Don't have world star videos all over your timeline

  • Don't post a lot of negative content on your page

  • Be uplifting and positive daily

  • Post 3-5 times a day (Morning, afternoon and evening)

2. Engage With Your Target Audience and/or Friends

  • Facebook is a 2 way street

  • The more you engage with others the more people will see your post

  • I usually spend anywhere from 30 min to a 1Hr per day just liking and commenting on other people's post

  • Be genuine in your comments if you have had a similar experience or can relate with someone. Make sure to relay that in your comment. People like to know personal experiences)

3. Join Groups In Your Target Niche

  • Actually take a little time and learn who your target market is and go out and join those groups. (brainstorm what kind of subjects your target market would be interested in and see if there are available groups on Facebook on that topic)

  • Like and comment on other people's post in those groups daily and as active as possible.

  • Alot of the time when someone sees you liked or comment on your post they will go back to your profile and see what you are all about and what you are offering.

  • This will also help you build your friends list which in turn is more prospects for your business.

  • Don’t just start selling your product in these groups. Actually provide value to other group members by answering questions that other members have or give away some free value first.

4. Don't Just Sell Sell Sell

  • Bring value to your community and you will attract more people.

  • You ever have that friend that is always asking for something whether it is money, a ride or anything. What happens..eventually you start avoiding them.

On Facebook there is no difference. If you are always selling eventually people will start ignoring your post or unfriending/unfollowing you all together.

5. Control Your Prospects Expierence

When you are posting in groups make sure you are using a capture page or directing people to some other source that you control.

Whether it be a blog, website or youtube channel. This is an awesome way to provide further value and show your worth to a prospect before you try to sell them on your product.

These are my top 5 Tips For Getting More Sales and Leads on Facebook.

Keep in mind marketing on social media is constantly changing and these tips are not set in stone. So feel free to add your flare to your marketing efforts.

Practicing these strategies with constancy will attract more prospects in your market to both you and your product.

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Do you have any Tips for Facebook that has helped you in your business? Please feel free to share them below in the comments!

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