Amazon Success Case Study Episode 2: $1300 in 30 Days Update

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You don't want to miss a episode once this case study starts. I'm going to be sharing massive tips and advice to help you better understand how to make money with Amazon. Plus, you will see me actually doing the things I share in my own business. As well as the end result.

The business model that I am using is known as “Retail Arbitrage”. Retail Arbitrage is when you find a product being sold in a store at one price, buy that item and then resale it for a higher price somewhere else.Retail arbitrage is a multi-billion dollar industry and can be done with virtually any service, or product. In this particular instance we are talking about physical products being listed for profit on Amazon

Before I get to deep into this episode I just want to clarify one thing that I know is going to come up.

Recently Amazon has cracked down on 3rd party sellers on their platform. After having an extensive conversation with an Amazon customer service rep (I like to get my info straight from the “horse’s mouth”)…Amazon does not mind 3rd party sellers as long as they can keep up with demand and have great customer service.

Especially since almost half of Amazon’s revenue comes from 3rd party sellers. Which I explain in the video above.

Bottom line is you are an experienced Amazon seller and you don’t feel comfortable with the business model I am showing, you don’t have to use this same model for yourself. Throughout this case study I am showing what is and has been working for ME so far.

Now that we got that out of the way…LETS GET IT POPPIN!

Here Are Somethings You Need To Be Aware Of If

You Are Thinking About Getting Started On Amazon:

As I mentioned before throughout this process I am not spending money on marketing because Amazon already spends over 1.23 BILLION DOLLARS in marketing and retargeting there products.

So I’m not even going to try to compete with that at this stage of my business. I would much rather build this 6-7 figure business just feeding off of the traffic they are already bringing in.

Your First 3 Months Selling On Amazon 

​There is a mandatory probation period for all new Amazon sellers for the first 90 days .

I would not worry if you are not making a lot throughout this time. The fact is with this particular model (sense we aren’t spending any money on traffic) you may or may not make a killing.

There is way to say how much money you will make in this time period. It depends on many factors like how fast you start building your store with profitable products and how many of the products you have.

Then once you get through this probation period the real fun starts.

What Is The "Buy Box"

Without getting to deep the buy box is where most of the sales on Amazon come from, about 86% to be specific. Chances are if you have done any shopping on Amazon at all, most of the items you have bought have been through the buy box.

As an Amazon Seller getting the “Buy Box” should be one of your top 2 objectives. (The first for me is having great customer service)

The good news is the “Buy Box” does not stick with one seller. It rotates through the top 3-5 sellers of a product, but there are a lot of variables that will determine whether or not you will be one of those sellers.

Here Is Some Of The Criteria

To Qualify For The "Buy Box"

    1. You have to be a professional seller for more than 90 Days. (This is the paid amazon seller account)

    2. You have to sell more than 10 items throughout the previous 30 Day Period

    3. You have to have good account metrics

    4. Depending on how you are shipping your items. FBA VS Merchant Fulfillment.

    5. Depending on your Seller rating and Reviews

    Then there is the product listing itself

    1. Does the product have good clear images

    2. Is there a good description

    3. Are there good bullet points

    4. Is your price competitive ( FYI, This does not mean you have to be the cheapest seller)

This isn’t all of the factors that can affect whether you get the buy box or now, and only Amazon knows the exact formula that they use to determine who gets the buy box and for how long.

Keep in mind just because you don’t have the buy box does not mean you won’t make sales, but it definitely helps…ALOT

The "Buy Box" Bible

If you want to learn more about the Buy Box and

How to Increase your chances of getting it check out the "Buy Box Bible"

My Personal Hurdles and Accomplishments So Far

  • · At the time of this video I have made over 642.99 in the last 30 days.
  • · I made my first sale after the first 4 days of my store was opened.
  • · So far we have just over 200 products in our store.
  • · In Total from the point of this video I have made 1290.59 with a 25% profit margin.
  • · We opened our store July 7th , I was able to make this even with medical appointments, and recovery from surgery ( I was down for about 4 weeks) so technically I have only been actively running this business for about 3 weeks

Honestly, that last point is the overall reason why I like this business model so much. The fact that all we have to do is list high quality items one time and it can sell over and over again until the day we take them down is awesome. Spend 10 min listing an item and sell it potentially hundreds of times…I can dig it.

This how you build a business that compounds on itself every single month.

My Ups And Downs So Far

  • · My overall account health is good.
  • · My cancellation rate is at 14.29% which I am working on improving right now. This is mainly because I wasn’t staying on top of my inventory like I was supposed to be doing. Since then I got set up with an inventory management software the eliminated this problem.

(I know what you are thinking. Oh wait DeAnte I thought you said you don’t have inventory with this business model? We don’t but you still have to make sure that items you are listing on Amazon are in stock at the supplier you will buy it from when it sales)

When you check out this free webinar training you will see which software I use to manage all of this for me automatically.

  • · My late shipment rate is 14.29% because I set my shipment rate in Amazon to low. I think it was set at 2-3 days so I just increased it to 4-6 days. As my daughter would say "Easy Peasy"
  • · My valid tracking rate is at 14.29%. I was inputting my tracking numbers and not clicking the right shipping company. So I decided to pay closer attention to this when I am confirming my shipments. Another easy fix.

This is how my Amazon business is going so far peeps. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or just to let me know if you are digging this case study so far.

Get updates sent straight to your e-mail. 

You don't want to miss a episode once this case study starts. I'm going to be sharing massive tips and advice to help you better understand how to make money with Amazon. Plus, you will see me actually doing the things I share in my own business. As well as the end result.

If you are looking to start a ecom business yourself check out the FREE webinar here to learn the exact steps on how to get started and the exact process I am personally using to grow this business.